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Quan Tracy Cherry

Quan Tracy Cherry is trained in left hemisphere studies, business and law.  Each year, he renews his law license from Washington State.

Quan’s unique ability to bridge the left hemisphere (astrology & numerology) with the right hemisphere (tarot & intuition) heightens his accuracy of diagnosing the root causes of your challenges while offering increased insight into creating the present and future that is more harmonious.  

A healthy life centers on balance deftly utilizing logic and intuition. Quan uses both in his professional practice of integrating spiritual law and practical experience through historical referencing and observation (astrology) and intuitive awareness.

Quan has been in full time private practice as an astrologer, intuitive, and tarot reader for 22 years.  Four years ago he was the first American to receive a Coaching Certification in the Venus Star Point.  He calls it ‘Your Personal Passion Point’.   Every nine months the Sun, Venus and Earth align making this powerful designation of what your talents and gifts you have to offer to your partners, friends, teams and planet.  This Venus Star demonstrates how the heart matters, how you connect and integrate your warrior/yang and lover/yin energies into a transcended (and transgendered) whole.  The five pointed star of this new astrological perspective moves each of us beyond binary categories and roles.

Quan regularly appears on Better KC.  He writes a seasonal column for Vintage KC.  He has begun privately teaching mythology and astrology at an academy in KC.

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