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Parallels in the Sky

Parallels in the Sky

Some more good stuff from Ken Hopkins:

I keep seeing articles on the Jupiter-Saturn and other longitudinal aspects so I must sound off again about two heavy parallels that are in the heavens right now.

Jupiter parallel Uranus April 1-May 5th:

Uranus is said to rule earthquakes, explosions, sudden turns of events, the unique and unusual; electricity, air and airplanes. Jupiter can expand the traits of Uranus and intensify events. This aspect (parallel) is very intense and long-lasting. It may coincide with a series of earthquakes such as the several that have taken place in the Pacific’s ring of fire.

The lunar north node will also form a parallel in early November at the time of the US presidential elections. Can we expect a surprise winner?

Saturn parallel Pluto April 1-May 20th:

This aspect could be tough on Capricorns, Aquarians and Scorpios especially, the energies between these two is not usually uplifting. Pluto is transformational and Saturn symbolizes structure. The houses ruled by these two in your chart can be under abundant stress.

There will be a re-visit of the parallel November 15-30th. Mars adds its two cents with a Pluto-Mars parallel the last half of June and a quick hit in the middle of November.

Mars does go out-of-bounds early August until late October. Mars in this position may coincide with violent acts and major athletic accomplishments.

The transiting south node will join Neptune in early December. One has to wonder with so many key influences occurring in November and December if the election will make a big impact.

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