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the new AOA online home

Welcome to the new AOA online home for the Aquarian Organization of Astrologers Kansas City, (AOA-KC). The center for all things astrology in Kansas City.

2015 was quite a year for the AOA and astrology in Kansas City.

At the age of 43, the AOA is having its Uranus transit to the natal position which engages a T-Square with Mercury and Mars. To say that 2015 was an eventful year, is an understatement. Everything the AOA owned that wasn’t nailed down, walked away. Even the website URL.

Please bookmark this URL as the new aoa online home for astrology in Kansas City. One of the items that the AOA ended up losing was its legacy domain name, Rather than paying ransom for its return, we got a new one. The domain is no longer owned by or accessible to the AOA and the organization is not responsible for any content that is posted there currently or in the future.

The AOA also never shares or sells your email contact information. If it doesn’t say -aoa at the end, it’s not from the AOA.

Now that all of the unfortunate events and individuals are in the rear view mirror and the organization is still standing with its core assets intact, The AOA is looking forward to a positive, productive, and drama-free 2016 in support of astrology in Kansas City.

Our new website the new AOA online home has many new features and services that the AOA will reveal in the week before the AOA New Moon / New Year / New Beginning / Monkey Business party on Feb 8. Mark your calendars for that date. You will be hearing more about it soon. Meanwhile we apologize for all of the 404 messages you see when clicking around the site as many of the program pages are currently still hidden from public view. Those pages will stay under wraps until for a few more weeks. But keep an eye out for the first week of February for the big reveal.

The Renaissance Festival went very well and was quite successful. A big Thank You to Brenda Smith and her team of heroes. The reservation has been made for next year. Check the events calendar for the dates that the booth will be open in 2016.

There are so many new ways you can participate. More information will be published here soon. The Uranus transit seems to have moved from deconstruction to reconstruction, so check back here on the first week of February to see all new features and programs that the AOA has been working hard to develop in support of astrology in Kansas City.

Put Feb 8 on your Chinese New Year party calendar and join us. We will be able to say 2016 was  a very good year.