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Leo and this eclipse season: Georgia Stathis

Thoughts on this eclipse season from Georgia Stathis

georgia-stathisThe lunar eclipse is over and we have one more eclipse – yup – one more on August 11 2018. It is a New Moon Solar Eclipse at 18 Leo 41 . New Moons are the start of something, or, better, yet, the beginning of awareness. Less emotional, more intuitive, probably because it is a new cycle and doesn’t have enough experience to be emotional:-)

Regardless, think about this one — there is an entire generation of individuals who were born with Pluto in middle degrees of Leo, between 13 and 20 degrees (individuals born between around 1947 to 1953 or 1954). Obviously this is the baby boomer group who are getting set to retire or let go of a lot of accumulation over the course of their lifetimes. So where does one put what you’ve earned to plant seeds for the future? Is the soil in which you plan to leave those items in good enough shape to handle the responsibility? Is there a better place where you can ‘pay it forward’ that will use these resources?

Pluto rules our consciousness, our power, and where we need to address our ‘shadow’ whatever that shadow is. Pluto, more simplistically, also rules wealth. And for the record there is no guilt in being wealthy. It is what you do with it that makes wealth a good or bad thing. A lot of large non profits are supported by those who believe in the cause of the non profit. When I taught at Kepler and we were looking into grants and loans and what other schools did- it was private donors that supported the educational institutions more than government

So, with that said the issue of this Aug 11 eclipse on many peoples’ Plutos asks each individual, or, company, or anyone who has major planets there – like your Sun sign, “Is the extreme emotion, stress, upset, hassles, the extreme anything having to do with moving up in the world, or, trying to have more — is it worth it?” There will be FAR MORE clarity by late November of this year as the shadows of these eclipses finally lift and we can see more clearly.

A cautionary note: Those with lots of Leo in their charts need to watch their hearts – the physical as well as the emotional. This is a heart centered eclipse. Take care of you and it.

–Georgia Stathis will be speaking at the AOA September meeting. Check out her new book, Pushing Through Time: Synodic Cycles and Their Developing Phases

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