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Laura Pensar’s specialty is the tarot

Laura Pensar is a Kansas City-based tarot card reader and designer who brings over 25 years of experience to her tarot & cartomancy services and consultations. She received her master’s degree in printmaking from UMKC and has since turned her artistic focus to designing playing cards and Tarot decks.

Pensar explores the tradition of playing cards and the archetypes of tarot decks through her illustrations and photography. She is currently working on two books of original tarot spreads with co-author Kaite Stover.

Pensar’s work combines ritual with new experiences to support self-awareness and growth. Her days are spent drawing, studying the history and art of tarot, taking photos, traveling, and practicing yoga.

She continues to make Kansas City her home-base with her partner and two children in a house by the creek where the sidewalk ends.

Laura Pensar is a professional member of the AOA and a Renaissance Festival partner. You can find out when she is there by checking the Festival schedule calendar here.

She consults privately as well as for parties and events. She also teaches classes in tarot and cartomancy.

For more information about her services, contact her personally.



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