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Julia (Thompson) Purdy

Julia Purdy discovered astrology and became fascinated by it in her early college years, when she first picked up a vintage book in a used bookstore by World War II era astrologer, Grant Lewi.

From then on, while working and raising a family, she continued to read and study. She took occasional classes from local teachers and collected an enormous library of astrology books. When Kepler College opened in Seattle, Washington offering Liberal Arts degrees in the study of astrology and it’s place history and world cultures, she signed on for their M.A. program. One of the intentions of the school was to create a standard of academic credentials of professionalism for astrologers. It was an amazing program with a staff of amazing teachers. Lee Lehman, Robert Hand, Demetra George, Dennis Harness, Bruce Scofield, Georgia Stathis are a few of the teachers and most highly-respected names in the astrological community whom she counts among her mentors. Julia has also studied with Alphee Lavoie and Kenneth Bowser.

In Julia’s personal chart, with Jupiter in the ninth house in Pisces aligning favorably with Uranus and Mercury, she is drawn to all things aesthetic and philosophical. And with connections to the mid-heaven and the north node, It’s probably her destiny to continue learning and growing and to teach and share. She is now a full-time consulting astrologer, author, and researcher.

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Julia has a background in business and corporate IT and she consults for clients using primarily western tropical methodologies.

A past president of the AOA, she now serves as a V.P. of Communications. She also works with Alexandria iBase Project as a project manager.


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