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Judy Lundquist

Judy’s interest in astrology began in college. It was more to disprove the validity of astrology.  Judy had read Linda Goodman’s Sun Sign book and found it surprisingly accurate. However, she was still skeptical.   Judy taught herself how to calculate a chart (in those days a chart was done by hand, not computer!). The more she studied astrology the more convinced she became that the cosmos speaks its own language.

Living in New York for many years gave Judy the opportunity to attend numerous conferences and meet such great pioneers in astrology, including: Jeff Green, Liz Greene, Noel Tyl, Michael Lutin, Rob Hand and Steven Forrest.

Judy began her serious study of horary after attending various work shops on this subject, and hearing intriguing cases where horary solved the puzzle.

In doing hundreds of astrology charts sometimes clients will ask questions that cannot be answered by looking at the natal chart or transits.   So how does an astrologer give them an answer? By erecting a horary chart.

Horary is a branch of astrology that answers a specific question based upon a chart set up for the exact time and place the question was asked. No birth chart needed!

Are you looking for an answer to an important life decision? Maybe your question is:

Should I buy this car?
Should I buy this house?
Where are my car keys?
I lost my dog. Where is he?
Should I take this job?
Do I have the right lawyer for my divorce?
Will my brother pay back the loan?
Is my fiancé seeing someone else?
Will the bank give me the loan?
Which of the two colleges should my daughter go to?

Horary is a fascinating branch of astrology that has been around for centuries. However, only in the last 25 years or so has it become more popular and respected for its cosmic accuracy in answering an individual’s question.

Judy has been a professional astrologer for over 35 years.   She holds BA degrees in mathematics and psychology from the University of Montana and is past president of the Aquarian Organization of Astrologers. She has written numerous published articles on astrology. For the past 25 years, Judy has given astrological readings at the AOA booth at the Renaissance festival.

She is a certified horary astrologer. Finder her at

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