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John Sandbach

John Sandbach specializes in natal astrology and his approach is psychological, spiritual, and therapeutic.

John has been a practicing professional astrologer in Kansas City since 1968. He is a professional member of the AOA.

A nationally recognized author, John has brought insight and innovation to many aspects of astrology through his writings.

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The Circular Temple is a study of the 360 degrees of the Zodiac. It comes in a 1,000 page two-volume print edition and as a single volume on Amazon Kindle.

Planets in Containment a Study of 990 Combinations. Paperback – 1980

Dwadashamsas: Degree Analyses and Deeper Meanings Paperback – 1978

 Manual of Astrology: A Summary of Guidelines for Astrological Interpretation Feb 28, 2015

How To Use Harmonics: What Astrological Harmonics Tell Jan 4, 2018

Astrology, Alchemy and the Tarot Kindle Edition

He has also published four novels, a book of short stories, and several works of poetry.

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He is available for in-person readings by appointment in Kansas City at Spa on Penn : 816-531-8601

For phone readings : 816-561-6199.

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