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The Jupiter Advantage-Julia Purdy Book Launch

 The Jupiter Advantage-Julia Purdy Book Launch is the theme of the July AOA meeting.

Julia will talk about Jupiter’s role in the astrological scheme of things and share some content from her new book, The Jupiter Advantage, Where Astrology Finds Opportunity.

About Julia Purdy

julia-purdyJulia has always been fascinated with the implications of the so-far-undiscovered nature of our universe that astrology, as a working system, implies. She pursued a formal education in the history of astrology in culture at Kepler College and has studied many different historical approaches. She has concluded that astrology is like the universe it tries to describe, in that you just cannot get to the end of it. She accepts that she will always be a student because there is always something new to discover.

Find more information about Julia and the book and app at and She is also listed as a AOA professional member on the AOA website.

About the book

For those of you who have been graciously putting up with my angst as a first time author (for an unreasonably long time), I am proud to announce . . . after four years, it’s finally done.

The Jupiter Advantage, Where Astrology Finds Opportunity is complete. The book is in production, and the new TJA companion app will be available for IOS and Android on the 13th. And it’s cool. After redoing it several times, I think we have a really snappy app. KUDOs to the developer Mark Richardson for his skills, talent, and hard work.

The book is comprised of 144 essays. Each one is a description of a Sun/Jupiter pairing by sign. I am calling it a signature. I have sorted, researched, and documented over 1,300 notable personalities that have enough public information online to be descriptive. Jupiter is a social planet and finding relevant public information wasn’t difficult, but it was time consuming. Each one is sourced and cited and the bibliography is long. The book grew from 150,000 words to 180,000 words. So now it is about 600 pages. I feel like I have been pregnant for four years. Thanks, Jupiter. (smile)

The launch party

Now that we are in the middle of a pandemic my plans for hosting a book launch party at the AOA, with food and wine and all the trimmings has been thwarted. But I can’t wait to share it with you, so I am going to Zoom. Since I can’t bring wine to the party, I encourage you to BYOB and join me for an hour of astrology talk about Jupiter.

This is a regular Monday evening AOA meeting and it is free to all. AOA members will automatically receive the zoom link. All others must request it. Send a request for the link using the contact form below.

Since we can’t share a glass of wine, I will give everyone who attends a coupon for the app.

I will discuss Jupiter in the twelve zodiac signs and I am going to show you some things in my chart related to my taking on this ambitious project that are interesting and instructive. If your would like me to share some information on your signature, include your birth date in the link request below.

The link will go out on Sunday, July 12. Zoom is limited to 100 attendees.

Request Zoom link: