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The Houses

The Houses

This meeting is free for AOA members and $5 for non-members.

This meeting is a response to a request for more education content, based on the survey we took last year, and a continuation of the series of introductory discussions on the basics of reading a horoscope chart.

Non-members can sign up using PayPal. The Zoom meeting link will go out to members and paid non-members on Sunday evening.

The houses are divisions of the heavens from a point of view on earth flattened into 12 sections. The chart is a three-dimensional view that has been flattened. There are distortions that must be accounted for in rendering the chart. The houses are set in place by calculating this astronomy and any discussion of the houses must include the entire chart.

The houses ARE NOT the same as the signs. Although there are some correlating qualities.

“Every department of human life falls under one or other of the 12 houses. They are channels, so to speak, through which man enters into relationship with his environment.” – Charles Carter

We will take two meetings to talk about the houses. It’s a big topic. This is part one of two. We will reconvene on the same topic in August.

The objective for these discussions is to present an overview and provide context for further study.

I invite you to take some notes. There will not be a video replay available. BUT…there will be a quiz… 🙂

About Julia:

Julia Purdy is a Kansas City based consulting astrologer and author of the book, The Jupiter Advantage. She is an alumnus of Kepler College, past president of the AOA, and contract project manager for the Alexandria iBase Project. She is currently available for consults via video call. Find more information on her personal website,


  • August 8, 2022
  • 7:00 pm

The Houses