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The Blessing of Ixion – Pluto’s new lawless brother

The Blessing of Ixion – Pluto’s new lawless brother with Alan Clay

The first regular meeting of the AOA for 2021 brings Alan Clay back to the AOA for another discussion of a dwarf planet. This time we will be meeting on Zoom. There is a $5 fee for non-members.

Register via paypal. We will send out the Zoom link on Sunday evening January 10 to all members of record in 2020 and registered non-members.

Ixion and Pluto both orbit at an angle to the ecliptic of all the other planets, spending half their time in the underworld. And the myth of Ixion tells us that this new dwarf planet energy in our chart knows no boundaries and is passionately focussed on his own lawless goals. This talk explains why we need this energy now in our lives. At the spiritually evolved level he offers us the opportunity to define our own rules and live life on our own terms, while respecting the implicit agreements in our relationships and transmuting our base emotions.

New Zealander Alan Clay has a background as a humanistic astrologer, inspired by the work of Dane Rudhyar. Over the years this has broadened into a study of the newly discovered Dwarf Planets. His book, Sedna Consciousness, the Soul’s Path of Destiny is the ultimate reference on the planet Sedna. He teaches classes on the meaning of Ixion, Sedna and the other dwarf planets in our personal charts and he has lectured at the State Of The Art Astrology Conference, the FAA Astrology Conference and the Breaking Down The Boarders Astrology Conference.


  • January 11, 2021
  • 7:00 pm

The Blessing of Ixion - Pluto’s new lawless brother