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Synthesizing the natal chart

Synthesizing the natal chart.

The method to the madness.

You enter your birth date, time, and location into a nifty software program that calculates the position of all the celestial bodies in the sky at the time of your birth. And then you hit the print button and out comes a lovely astrological mandala with all the planet icons positioned in their zodiac sign and house division with a bunch of colored lines connecting them.

The chart is pretty. But more importantly it tells a story. The question is, how to you extract that story from the math? The hidden information described by a pattern?

That is where the rubber meets the road. Where astronomy becomes astrology. It’s where the magic happens.

You have to know what is most important, what patterns dominate, and how to follow the chart’s lead and build that story. What is the main story? The subtext? Where is the story going and where does it end?

That is the topic for the March meeting of the AOA.

Several professional consulting astrologers will talk about what their eye goes to first and why.

If you are learning to read charts, or just want to understand more about your own, this will be an interesting evening.

Bring your chart and join us!

Monday evening, March 13. Community Christian Church on the Plaza.

There is never a charge for AOA meetings.

Community Christian Church

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