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Pluto Transits: Panic, Power, and Metamorphosis

Pluto Transits: Panic, Power, and Metamorphosis

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Pluto was first spotted by humans in 1930, at the dawn of the Atomic Age. Named for the Greek god of the underworld, Pluto rules processes of death and rebirth, decay and transformation, as well as the shifting nature of power. In any given Pluto transit, we may experience some or all of its archetypes in our personal lives—encounters with death, disease, surgery, or radiation; experiences of grief, loss, and mourning; uncovering traumatic memories or experiencing a current trauma; losing our sense of self, direction, or meaning; heightened anxiety that may become paranoia. Whatever unfolds externally, a Pluto transit is a time of internal reckoning: we can no longer avoid what we’ve been trying to avoid. Pluto compels us to peel away the layers of what is known and face the unknown. Working with Pluto, we are working with what is most powerful and potentially dangerous in our own natures. But working with Pluto also helps us access profound wisdom, healing power, and the capacity to initiate collective healing and transformation.

As Pluto moves slowly with an erratic orbit, Pluto transits to a birth chart are unique, once-in-a-lifetime events and usually leave us radically different on the other side. And while we don’t live long enough to experience Pluto return, countries do. As the United States of America begins its Pluto return this year, we are also living into the ongoing conjunction of Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter in Capricorn, marking this as a year when our society is undergoing this underworld journey together. This is unprecedented for all of us who are alive today—the last time all three planets met up in the sign of Capricorn was 1894 BCE. So as we live into the uncertainty of the future, it’s worth taking a deep dive into working with Pluto. In so doing, we face what we can’t control, we face ourselves, and we have the option to align with releasing what’s toxic, with total metamorphosis, and with the time of rebirth that follows the time in the underworld.

Corina Dross bio

Corina Dross (she/they) is an artist, writer, and consulting astrologer who works with clients across the world. Her practice is informed by embodied and somatic healing practices, earth-based spirituality, and an orientation toward collective liberation. They grew up speaking astrology and began teaching classes in 2010. A few years later Corina joined the faculty of the Portland School of Astrology and continues to teach there. In addition to classes and lectures, they offer an online self-study Astrology 101 course. They’ve written a popular horoscope column for Mask Magazine and continue to write monthly queer horoscopes for Autostraddle. As an artist, she collaborates with her sister to make a yearly calendar of small spells. You can find the calendar and the monthly blog at Abacus Corvus. Corina was born with the planet Pluto conjunct the North Node on their Midheaven, and this lecture reflects a lifelong love affair with and process of inquiry into all things Plutonian. Follow her @corinadross on Instagram, or check out her astrology at and art at


  • November 9, 2020
  • 7:00 pm

Corina Dross presents: Pluto Transits: Panic, Power, and Metamorphosis.