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Planetary Containments with John Sandbach

Planetary Containments with John Sandbach

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John Sandbach is a Kansas City based astrologer with a national reputation. John published “Planetary Containments: A Study of 990 Combinations” in 1980 and it is still used as a teaching reference in basic astrology class curriculums.

Planetary Containments is a profound and easy to use interpretation technique that can quickly uncover a variety of interesting insights in the birth chart. John’s book, “Planetary Containments: A Study of 990 Combinations” is a major text on this subject. In this lecture he will explore the topic and present new insights and information that have come to him since the publication of this book.


John has been in practice since 1966 and has written numerous texts and articles on metaphysics and astrology, as well as much poetry and fiction. Look for his work on His latest contributions to astrology is his work on the meanings of zodiacal degrees in his two-volume work “The Circular Temple” and his Dictionary of Midpoints, the only work on midpoints to contain indications for the four major asteroids affecting all planetary combinations.

You can find more about John on his website: and on his AOA professional member listing:

  • May 10, 2021
  • 7:00 pm
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