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October AOA Meeting

The October AOA meeting is a special event for our fledgling astrologers.

This meeting is dedicated to being a safe space to practice for those who are building their skills in interpreting astrological charts.

if you are learning astrology, and/or trying to get better at applying it, this meeting is for you.

We will set up some consulting tables and provide space for anyone who would like some practice time reading charts.

If you are a seasoned astrologer, this is your opportunity to provide some guidance to those who are just starting out. A teaching moment. And perhaps a chance to discover something new. It’s not like anyone knows everything, right?

If you just want to come and take advantage of some free astrology. You are also welcome.

If you have a laptop and a software program, bring it to the meeting and set up shop. If you are not portable, we will have a printer and will print charts for you.

This is the first time we are trying this. So we are not sure how well it will work. But if people like it, we will make it an annual event.

Also, Jupiter trips into Scorpio this week. We will talk about that also.

Join us on October 9 at 7 pm. Community Christian Church on the Plaza.

There is never a charge for monthly AOA meetings.


Community Christian Church

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