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Laurence Hillman – Archetypes in Astrology

Laurence Hillman – Archetypes in Astrology

The AOA is very excited to bring Laurence Hillman to Kansas City in August via Zoom.

This is a very special presentation and there is a $5 fee for non-members. As always, there is no charge for members.The Zoom link will be sent via email on Sunday August 9 to all current AOA members and paid non-members.

“There are basic human patterns, archetypes, that define our lives. Learn them and live your life’s true passion and purpose. There are also key archetypal patterns that define organizations. Unlock them and you can respond to any crisis with purpose.”

After a brief introduction and overview of archetypes, Laurence Hillman will lead a discussion on archetypes.

Bring your own questions to this online discussion. Examples of questions he can address include:

  • What is an archetype? What is your purpose in this world?
  • How does an archetypal focus benefit a chart reading?
  • Why is the world breaking at its seams?
  • What is emerging? Why do we keep repeating the same personal patterns?
  • What are a few examples of an archetypal evolution or journey?
  • How is the corporate world becoming ready to explore and use this kind of understanding?

Join us as we explore the archetypal world that exists alongside, and within, the reality we perceive, and how it assists us in learning to understand and co-create with this world. By learning to understand and co-create with this world, you will find that you are engaging with nature herself.


Laurence Hillman, PhD. Is a global expert on archetypes, does corporate consulting internationally, and has been practicing astrology for over 40 years. He was born in Zurich when his father, James Hillman, known as the father of Archetypal Psychology, was the director of the C. G. Jung Institute. Laurence specializes in helping his clients understand their deeper purpose and their life’s calling, especially in these challenging times.

His first two books are Alignments-How to Live in Harmony with the Universe and Planets at Play-How to Reimagine Your Life Through the Language of Astrology. He is also the co-author with Richard Olivier (son of Laurence Olivier) of Archeytpes at Work- Evolving your Story, One Character at a Time. In his role as a consultant he helps leaders and organizations understand their archetypal patterns and advises on high-level decision making in organizations.

He has lectured internationally and conducted workshops at the Globe Theatre in London where he blended Shakespeare and Astrology. At the Cycles & Symbols Conference in California, he lectured on Venus in America (co-presented with his father James Hillman). He has also taught at Jean Houston’s Mystery School, at Pacifica Graduate Institute, in Findhorn, and he has been a repeated guest lecturer at Washington University in St. Louis. He has taught small study groups and private students across the US.

Find out more about Laurence Hillman’s work or contact him for a reading on his website:

There is no charge for this meeting for AOA members and a $5 charge at the door for non-members.