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July AOA meeting

The July AOA meeting is a further discussion on the eclipse.

The actual eclipse┬áis getting closer. It’s on Monday, August 21st. The AOA is sponsoring a watch party at Smithville Lake. It’s open to the public and pre-registration is required.

Click here to register.

It’s going to be a busy day. There will be a lot of people on the road coming from everywhere to see it.

We have collected a lot of information on logistics to share with everyone who is planning on attending our event, or viewing it elsewhere. We will also provide details and updates via email. So if you are not planning on attending this meeting, we recommend you subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest.

You can do that on our website, click here.

We are also going to look at individual  natal charts to see where the eclipse falls and see how it affects you personally.

If you would like us to look at your personal chart, send your birth date, birth location, and birth time in advance of the meeting to You can also bring it with you. We will prioritize the charts we get through email, but time permitting we will look at all of them.

The meeting is Monday, July 10, 2017. 7-9 p.m. at Community Christian Church on the Plaza.

There is never a charge for AOA meetings. Come one down!