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Declinations Workshop

Declinations in Astrology workshop

Join the AOA for this all day workshop on the power and magic of declinations.

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A declination is the angular distance of a heavenly body north or south of the equator. The earth tilts 23 degrees and 26 minutes between the northern Tropic of Cancer and the southern Tropic of Capricorn. That angle of tilt defines the seasons.

The relationship between planets based on their angle of declination at different points in their transit cycles as the seasons change is an extremely important factor in predicting earthly events. Perhaps the most important.

Come to this workshop and learn more about parallels, contra-parallels, out-of-bounds planets, and how they affect people, weather, events and just about everything that happens on this beautiful planet of ours.

We are proud to be able bring Ken Hopkins, a leading expert on declinations, to Kansas City to share his years of research and accumulated knowledge on the power and effects of declinations with the astrology community.

It’s the first in a series of workshops sponsored by the Aquarian Organization of Astrologers that will focus on enhancing the astrologer’s knowledge and skills in applied techniques. and a rare opportunity.

The fee for this all day workshop is on $50 for non-members and at the door. If you are a member of the AOA or an affiliated astrology organization and pre-register for the event, the registration fee is only $40.

If you are interested in traveling to Kansas City for this event and need lodging, check out AirBNB. You will find an enormous number of price options that should meet the needs of all budgets. And if you need a ride to and from the event, let us know. We will make sure you have transportation.

Find out more about Ken at Guest Astrologer.
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Nottingham by the Green Clubhouse

Meeting space for the May 7 AOA workshop on the power of Declinations.

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