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Electional Astrology with Omari Martin

The AOA is pleased to bring Omari Martin to Kansas City via video call.

Electional astrology is the practice of selecting good times to initiate activities. Electional astrology follows rules similar to horary which are different that natal astrology. Learning how to use horary/electional astrology adds a depth of understanding to how astrology works.

Examples of events that benefit by having an election chart cast for the inception are: opening a business, launching a product for sale, starting a job, setting the first trade date for a stock offering, taking a trip, buying/selling property, crowning a monarch or inaugurating a leader, starting a war–basically any activity that is started with intention.

Omari will talk about the practical application of electional astrology. He will demonstrate using sample charts. The importance of analyzing the planetary aspects and declinations of an electional chart in relation to the natal chart will be emphasized. Basic rules will be provided and used to evaluate acceptability of an electional chart given the desired outcome.  Planetary rulerships for various elections along with the zodiacal man will be discussed.

This will be a very interesting discussion with material you may not have been exposed to yet.

This is a special speaker event and there will be a $5 charge at the door.

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