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2016 Election Predictions

Finally, the 2016 presidential election is upon us.
What does astrology say about who is going to win?

Monday evening, October 10. 7-9 p.m. at Community Christian Church

It’s a panel discussion and everyone is invited to offer their astrological observations.

We should have an accurate birth time for Hillary. We will post it on Facebook as soon as it is published by ISAR on Sunday Oct. 2.

NOTE: This discussion is about the art of astrological prediction. Given the vitriol that is coming from both sides of this year’s debate, please be extra sensitive to the objective of strictly looking at the astrology.

If you are making a prediction, please share your astrological methodology with the group.

This is a learning opportunity for everyone.

Join us for a lively and interesting evening.

There is never a charge for AOA monthly meetings.


Community Christian Church

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