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Declinations: A Journey of the Soul

Declinations: A Journey of the Soul

Ken Hopkins will present a 2-hour lecture on the power of declinations on Friday evening May 6, in advance of his Saturday workshop.

Ken’s discoveries in the realm of Declinations show them to be one of the most revealing predictive tools in the astrologer’s toolbox.

Perhaps as much as 70 percent of all of the major events of our lives occur at the extreme degrees of declination in the progressed natal chart.

At the Friday night lecture Ken is going to talk a little politics.  He will show how the three most news-generating presidential candidates, Trump, Cruz, and Sanders are currently in their natal degree of progressed extreme declination.

As well, he will discuss the declination nodal cycles that reach critical mass in 2019/2020

The fee for the event is $10 general admission, $5 for AOA and affiliate organization members at the door.

The location of the lecture is in the AOA’s regular meeting space at Community Christian Church.

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