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Corona Virus in the US: An Online Facilitated Discussion

Corona Virus in the US: An online facilitated discussion

The AOA would like to invite you to our very first virtual meeting. We are unsure how long we will be advised to self-isolate, so please take this month’s meeting as an opportunity to familiarize yourself with Zoom, our online meeting platform.

You must send us an email and request the link to the online meeting space. We will be sending out the links on Saturday April 11, so please submit your request to by Friday April 10.

How to Zoom: Zoom is an online meeting tool. It’s very easy to use. You can use Zoom on a PC, tablet, or phone. To connect to the online meeting, click the link that we will send you via email to open a browser on your device. The Zoom window will open in the browser and there are controls for video and audio. You will see the presenter and you can choose to allow people to see you (or not) with the video button. Please mute your audio if you are not speaking to control background noise.

To receive the Zoom link: Reply to the AOA monthly newsletter that will go out to all Friends of the AOA subscription list by April 3. If you are subscribed to our newsletter but don’t see it in your email, check your spam folder and make sure you have in your contact list. If you are not on our email list and would like to attend this meeting, sign up to receive it by becoming a Friend of the AOA subscriber here on our website: We will follow up with the link.

Ailin Lu will facilitate an event chart discussion for Corona Virus or COVid 19 in the USA. The first diagnosed case in the US was January 20, 2020. Past chart reading experience is not required, but a basic knowledge of planets, signs, houses, and angles will be very helpful. Participation is encouraged! We hope that this discussion will give you some space for reflection amidst these chaotic times.

The $5 non-member participation will be waived this month as a gift from AOA to the community.

Ailin Lu is a Kansas City based astrologer and VP of Programming at AOA.

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