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Chisanbop and Numerology

Chisanbop and Numerology

Yes, that’s right. Turn your hand into an abacus and quickly analyze the numerology for a person’s name, an event, or a word.

In numerology, every letter in the alphabet has a numerical value. When added together they describe the character of a name. Chisanbop is a Korean technique that enables one to speedily calculate number-totals using the digits attached to your hand.

Mark Clark is going to show us how to combine the two systems, Numerology and Chisanbop, so that you can immediately compute and evaluate the meaning behind the word. Who needs a calculator when you can do it with your fingers?

Mark says it’s simple and he is bringing handouts to prove it. He says he uses it daily.

A date mentioned on the History Channel? Two of the most powerful hurricanes in the US, Andrew and Katrina, have totaled 29/11/2.  A person’s life path number? The numerical vibration of a name? Use your fingers and get an instant answer.

Mark Clark started out in life as a musician and began his astrological studies in 1968. He first studied and became certified to practice astrology with Dr. Zipporah Dobyns in Los Angeles and later the Hermetic astrology method of C.C. Zain from “The Church of Light” in Austin Texas. He has also been studying numerology for many years.

Mark also maintained his music career and came to Kansas City to manage Piano Services at the UMKC Conservatory. Since retiring, he has devoted his time to astrology and the metaphysical arts.

Join us Monday evening, April 10 at 7 p.m.

Come with names, nicknames, pet’s names, business names, dates for enterprises that DIDN’T work out, and ones that DID WORK OUT so we can investigate why in numerological terms.

It’s always interesting when Mark shows up. He always has something new to share with the group.