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Astrology Book Night in Memory of Wally Nelson.

It’s Astrology Book Night 2021 with a twist.

There is no charge for this meeting. Everyone is welcome.

Astrology Book Night and board elections has become a February tradition at the AOA.

This year is a little bit special. We have inherited six boxes of books from Wally Nelson, who passed away recently. Her husband and son donated them.

Wally Ann Nelson was an active long time member of the AOA. Some of you may remember her.

We are going to distribute her books to our members who are building their own libraries. If we were meeting in person, we could put them out for everyone to look through and pick from. But we are not. So…we will Zoom and show them. If you want it, we will add a sticky note with your name and have it for you to pick up, or save for the next opportunity to meet in person. There is not a lot of long term storage space so if you want some, we would appreciate it if you could arrange to pick them up.

There are six boxes of them. It’s first come first serve in the chat box.

We will get the board elections out of the way first. The roster is below. If anyone would like to be considered for an open position, reach out to one of the current board members.

Board Positions:

President – Brenda Smith

Vice-President Communications – Julia Purdy

Vice President Programming – Ailin Lu

Treasurer – Jill Connors / Accounting Rich Schuck

Recording Secretary – Open

Education Chair – Open

Hospitality Chair – Jill Connors

Renaissance Festival Manager – Brenda Smith

The position of recording secretary is an easy one. Board meetings are on Zoom quarterly and as needed. The recording secretary will take the minutes of the board meeting, send them out to the board members after each meeting. We also have the ability to Zoom record the meetings. The most important factor will be the availability to attend all the meetings.

The position of Education chair is a new role we would like to create and a program we would like to design. This is one of the themes that came out of the survey we took in December and one of the original founding objectives of the organization. This role will take more work and time. It will be part of the brainstorming we will do at the retreat in April. The AOA is having its Jupiter return right now and it’s an opportunity to re-imagine where we would like to go as an organization for the next cycle, when we are able to come back together in person.





  • February 8, 2021
  • 7:00 pm

board elections and astrology book night giveaway memorial for Wally Nelson.