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Archetypes, Aspects and the Pluto/Saturn Conjunction

Elizabeth Cutting will speak on Archetypes, Aspects and the Pluto/Saturn Conjunction

Inspired by insights and information gained from a recent astrological summit, we will cover three topics in one night.  One is taking a deeper look at applying and separating aspects with examples of how they manifest in different stages of life.  We will also review of astrological archetypes and how they are evolving in our evolving culture.  And we will explore different views of the upcoming Pluto/Saturn conjunction, including a feminine and masculine view of these planets, a review of the transformational journey, and a look at current generations who are specifically impacted by this transit.  If time and inspiration permit, we might do a quick Sagittarian overview of a few other astrological hot topics.  There will be plenty of handouts.

Elizabeth Cutting is an AOA member astrologer and will be presenting in person at the November AOA meeting.

She is a writer, astrologer, consultant and seminar producer. She received her MBA from Northwestern University, is a past president of the Aquarian Organization of Astrologers, and has studied with many of the top national astrologers. She served on the boards of several professional organizations, had 20 years experience as a marketing executive. She has written numerous magazine articles, published in local and national periodicals, such as Yoga Journal. Along with working with corporate clients in new business development, she also presents seminars in astrology, conscious language, wild food foraging and Sanskrit mantras. Elizabeth has presented at the Environmental Protection Agency, The Omega Institute, Monsanto and Ford Motor Company. She hosts spiritually-oriented workshops from national and international presenters. She can be contacted at 816-532-4727 or

This is the last meeting of 2019. There is no charge at the door for this presentation.

Meeting Space

The AOA meets on the second Monday of the month in the community space at the Community Christian Church on the Plaza. The space is on the north side lower level door. Parking is available in the lot to the north of the church.

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