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Cynthia Litwer

Cynthia Litwer began her studies in astrology while earning her bachelors degree in psychology. Teaching herself how to calculate a chart, she discovered a beautiful tool for self understanding and personal growth; finding that a natal chart, interpreted through the lens of the psyche was effective in helping people understand their purpose and path in life. She found that the wealth of astrological knowledge from the psychological/spiritual perspective can provide guidance for an individual to actively participate in their personal growth experiences.

Combining psychological insights with spiritual growth needs in her interpretation of a natal chart, Cynthia assists clients in identifying where they need to focus. She pursues understanding of the questions “Who Am I?” and “Why Am I Here?”

As a lifelong student of astrology, Cynthia has taken many classes and workshops. She has studied with Lee Yelenics, a co-founder of AOA in Kansas City, as well as the late Juliann Ryan. Workshops with Rob Hand, Jeff Green, Steven Forrest, Michael Lutin, Kim Rogers-Gallagher and others have increased her knowledge base. The works of many other astrologers have also influenced Cynthia, including Tracy Marks, Liz Greene, Marilyn Busteed, Dorothy Wergin, Alice Howell, Demetra George, and Dane Rudyhar.

Cynthia joined AOA in 1979 and has held several positions on the board of directors, including president. She created an introductory class for the Johnson County Community College continuing education department, which she currently teaches during active semesters. She has also written articles for the AOA newsletter, developed lessons for AOA’s free classes, taught some of these classes, and given lectures at AOA’s monthly meetings. Currently, she is a regular reader at Kansas City and regional mid-western Metaphysical fairs.

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