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Brenda G. Smith

Brenda G. Smith is a professional astrologer and psychic with 39 years experience.

She had her first psychic experience at age 6, and taught herself astrology at age 14.  She studied astrology while living in Columbia, Missouri, and moved to Kansas City in 1979.  She met John Sandbach who became her astrology and tarot teacher as well as mentor. He urged her to go professional and  she did in 1979.

Brenda has been an active member of AOA since 1980.  She has been president twice,  and has worked the AOA booth at the Renaissance Festival for the past 25 years.

She consults at the AOA’s Renaissance Festival Booth 333 on weekends beginning on Labor Day. To find out when Brenda will be available for readings at the festival, check the AOA Renaissance Festival calendar here.

Brenda is also a teacher of astrology and tarot, and she loves it.  As in the Heirophant  in the tarot, teaching and learning are the same thing.

Brenda is available for private readings, classes and parties.

Contact her directly via email at



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