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Astrologer Courtney Roberts at the AOA in April

The AOA is excited to be able to bring Astrologer, Courtney Roberts, MA, as a guest speaker at our April meeting. She will speak on the four astrological elements, earth, air, fire, and water.

Currently she is a director at Canaveral Research in Florida where she pursues research on evidence-based astrology. With today’s availability of unlimited computing power and big data, astrology has taken a giant leap towards regaining its place in history and culture and its status as a legitimate course of study.

Statistical research not only supports the ‘reality’ of the elements of the tropical zodiac, but also reveals a tremendous amount of genuinely useful insight into how the four elements influence personality and behavior, and operate within our destiny and development.

Roberts specializes in the role of astrology in religion, especially Persian Zoroastrianism and western monotheism.

Originally from Miami, Florida, Courtney has spent four decades in the field of astrology; in consulting, publishing, research, teaching & organizational work.  Courtney has generated peer-reviewed results in quantitative studies on sports, psychometrics & the Gauquelin sectors, while making inroads in comparative research between Western & Indian astrology/Jyotish.

She routinely collaborates with foremost astrological researchers around the world on a range of exciting projects, publications and educational initiatives, while also serving as an historian and compiler of the growing body of evidence for planetary influence.

A graduate of the revolutionary Master’s program in Cultural Astronomy & Astrology at Bath Spa University in England, Courtney developed her specialization in the role of astrology in the history of both science & religion; particularly Persian Zoroastrianism & western monotheism.

Courtney has published literally hundreds of articles in top astrological publications like The Mountain Astrologer, Dell Horoscope,, ISAR’s International Astrologer & the Journal of the British Astrological Association, etc.  Her extensive sports data collections & league histories are published by AstroLabe, Inc., in the Astrodatabank & in Cosmic Patterns software.  She was recently invited to edit Correlation, the British Astrological Association’s esteemed peer-reviewed Journal of Research in Astrology.

Courtney has worked, taught and lectured all over the world; from Harvard to Maynooth, Ireland; from Zen monasteries in South Korea to Princess Noura & King Faisel Universities in Saudi Arabia and for astrology conferences & organizations on 4 continents. She brings a wealth of business experience to her research work, including many years as an entrepreneur in entertainment & educational design.

Canaveral Research hosts the Annual Kepler conference in Florida where astrology researchers and thought leaders gather each January to share new information and discoveries.

Star_of_the_MagiCourtney Roberts is the author of the book, The Star of the Magi.

The Star of the Magi  (2007 Career Press)  Finally, an author with a solid background in the role of astrology in ancient religion takes on the Star. The result is a breathtaking blend of the latest discoveries in Biblical scholarship & cultural astronomy, revealing who the Magi were, how their astrology informed their beliefs, & how much those beliefs influenced their Jewish neighbors.

She is also the author of Visions of the Virgin Mary  (2004 Llewellyn)  Delicately unravels the tangled skein of  pre-Christian goddesses woven into the cults and legends of the Virgin Mary, and reflected in the stars, revealing a tradition of goddess worship still very much alive & well in contemporary Christianity. Courtney’s intriguing research into the distinct astrological patterns of Marian apparitions & the people who see them is the first of its kind to introduce the astrological dimension into comparative religious studies.

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