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AOA Professional Members

AOA Professional Members

Recommended AOA professional members, astrologers

You are invited to contact any of the AOA professional members, astrologers and tarot readers, on this list to get more information about pricing and scheduling. Click their thumbnail picture below to see their full resume page with contact information.

Astrology is an unregulated profession and can make finding one who is qualified, ethical, and meets your needs tricky. Anyone can advertise and misrepresent themselves on the internet. The AOA professional members may differ in specialty. Some have years of experience and some may be just starting out. You can look at their resume pages linked below to find out more about each one. The AOA can verify that claims they make about their credentials are true and an honest representation of their skills and philosophy.

Astrologers differ. They have specialties, areas of strengths, and interests that will often align with different historical traditions. Some specialize in a specific area of study, perhaps medical or financial, business or personal. Some use the tropical zodiac in the western tradition and some use the sidereal zodiac in the eastern tradition.

But what is, or should be, true for all of them is that they have trained well, studied their craft carefully, and uphold the very highest ethical standards.

The AOA also has professional members who specialize in reading tarot. They are our selected Renaissance Festival partners.

Find more information about the AOA, and its upcoming events on the AOA's Event calendar, Meetup, on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter.

If you are a practicing astrologer and would like to be listed here, we invite you to join the AOA and let us get to know you.
linked thumbnail pictureMemberProficienciesServices
brenda-g.-smithBrenda Smithastrology and tarotPersonal consults, astrology and tarot, classes, private events and parties
quan-tracy-cherryQuan Tracy Cherryastrology, Venus Star points,Personal and business consults, teaching
kaite-stoverKaite StovertarotPersonal consults and Renaissance Festival partner
julia-thompsonJulia PurdyastrologyPersonal and business consults, guest speaker, classes, private events and parties
blackwolfBlackwolfastrology and tarotRenaissance Festival partner
John Sandbachnatal astrologyPersonal consults
cynthia-litwerCynthia Litwernatal astrologyPersonal consults, classes
Laura Pensartarot and cartomancyPersonal consults, tarot classes and workshops, private events and parties, Renaissance Festival partner, cartomancy
Maddox Guiastrology, tarot, meditation, and herbalismRenaissance Festival partner,
Personal Consults
Judy Lundquistnatal and horary astrologyPersonal consults

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