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AOA Eclipse Reminiscences

The 2017 total eclipse of the sun was the event of the century. Right here in our own back yard. A must see, must celebrate, celestial spectacle.

And, the AOA’s leadership team planned ahead. A party to match the scale of the event was in order. An opportunity for everyone who was interested, to share in an experience that wouldn’t repeat in this location, ever. Or not for a very very long time, anyway.

A beautiful and pristine lakeside spot was reserved-a year in advance. It had everything. A clear view of the sky, a picnic shelter, parking, bathrooms, electricity. The best spot for miles to see the amazing transformation of the sky.

The word went out and folks responded. Many folks.

And then, the obsessing began. What do we need in case….it’s really really hot, the area is really crowded, traffic is jammed….all of the what ifs were considered.  How much food do we need? What about enough ice? So many details. So much effort and thought. So much deciding and shopping. So much making, carrying, cutting, and setting up.

The day arrived. The weather temperature was moderate and perfect for a leisurely day lakeside. People came early to avoid the non-existent traffic. AOA members, their families, and their friends stepped up to help set up and clean up. We had everything we needed plus. Teamwork was the order of the day and everyone chipped in so that all could relax and enjoy the day. It was a bonding experience for the AOA membership. We worked together. We did it together. If all else failed, we had that.

The one thing we could not control was the sky. And it teased us mercilessly. Clear, then overcast, then clear. We watched as the moon slowly began chewing at the edges of the sun.  It got dark. And then we watched clouds cover up our view. And then we watched the clouds clear and the eclipse totality came into view. Not for long, but it was enough. And it was spectacular.

In spite of the mischievous sky gods, it worked.

Patricia Sneed led the group in a calming meditation that seemed to engulf everyone in the renewing spirit of the day.

Journalist and photographer, Kristina Pedersen contributor to The took these wonderful pictures and wrote an article about the AOA event in zine.

Check out her work here:

And her delightful article here:

And More terrific pictures

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