Mamagui Speaks

Ailin Lu (she/they) of Mamagui Speaks is a self-taught astrologer. She is also a queer, Asian American inter-disciplinarian and artist. Ailin’s personal practice includes a combination of astrology, tarot, meditation, and herbalism. Although astrology is the focus, these different threads of knowledge may be brought into the sessions. Readings with Ailin will likely cover natural talents, tendencies, and then lead into what the stars may tell us about the quality and character of a moment. She hopes to help you understand the talents you have at your disposal and the broader themes of the environment so you can feel inspired to co-create your destiny. In addition to consulting, she also acts as VP of programming at the Aquarian Organization of Astrologers.

“Mamagui” is not a real phrase in Chinese. It is a play on words that draws on Ailin’s Chinese-American experience. Gui <鬼> is the word for ghost. It is often given a negative connotation, but in actuality the intention of the ghost can be revealed by the characters that preceded it–a  dynamic that parallels our own duality. Mama precedes gui to honor the wisdom of her maternal ancestors.

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