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  • Enroll in beginner and intermediate classes available at the Plaza Library and Johnson Country Community College.
  • Attend regular monthly meetings with interesting activities and speakers .
  • Take advantage of Special Interest workshops  and lectures from visiting teachers and authors.

Our Programs


Two sets of introductory classes at the Plaza Library are offered each year during the spring and fall.

Check the events calendar on this website or the Kansas City Astrology-aoa MeetUp for the exact dates of the next series

Upcoming fall classes at the Plaza library occur once a week for four 2-hour sessions on Tuesday evenings 7 to 9 p.m.

Classes at Johnson County Community College, run for six weeks and require enrollment at the college.

For more information on both programs, contact the AOA through the Inquiry Form on this website, or through email at info@astrologykansascity-aoa.com.


The AOA is pleased to offer a series of classes for everyone who would like to learn more about astrology and how and why it is an important tool for understanding ourselves, others and events. Each class will be taught by a local astrologer AOA member and will cover:

October 17 - The Signs - What they mean in a chart

October 24 - The Planets - Describing chart action

October 31 - The Houses - The areas of your life

November 7 - The Aspects - Your challenges and gifts in life

Everyone interested is welcome and no previous knowledge of astrology is necessary.

Classes are from 7 to 9 p.m. and held in the large meeting room at the Plaza Branch of the Kansas City Missouri Public Library, 4801 Main Street.

Parking is free in the parking ramp next to the library. You may bring in beverages which have a lid and the coffee shop near the entrance of the library is open till 7pm - so arrive a few minutes early if you plan to purchase a beverage there.

JCCC Enrollment

Classes are scheduled through Johnson Country Community College.

For more information about those classes and how to enroll, message a request through this website or by sending an email to info@astrologykansascity-aoa.com and the coordinator for the program will contact you.

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